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Who We Are


The vision that led to the foundation of “Little Alchemists Nursery School” was to follow a different approach towards education and childcare where traditional teaching methods and techniques would be conjoined with new, transformative and advanced ones for a more holistic approach to learning.

Our multi-faceted educational system, similar to an alchemical combination which has its aim to purify, mature, and perfect, is now been brought to life in a spacious and safe facility. Our premises which are located at 28 Arsinois & Armenias Street, right in the heart of Nicosia will be able to accommodate approximately 50 children from as young as 4 months old.

“Little Alchemists Nursery School” will be a Greek speaking School, with elective English language classes. It is fully licensed and it will be renovated in accordance to the requirements of the Welfare Office and all the relevant Governmental and other Authorities.

Each area of our nursery school is being designed in detail to ensure an exceptional outcome.   All rooms are being equipped to accommodate the rapidly changing needs of the children and for our teachers to productively carry out their daily courses.

We encourage you to contact us, in order to book a thorough private tour of our facility.

Our Values

Promote the life skills of collaboration, communication, understanding content, critical thinking, creative innovation and confidence.
Cultivate high levels of discipline, manners and the values of integrity, honesty, respect, equality and social responsibility to our learners.
Engage in exciting teaching techniques that will stimulate passion and enthusiasm for learning and life.
Create an environment where children feel safe to express themselves and are not bound by any unnecessary limitations.
Foster an environment where students, parents and educators work together to create a culture of unity for our learners
Be committed to constant development and adding value to the educational experience we provide.
Enjoy the process of learning and its infinite possibilities and at all times keep having fun!

Our Philosophy

“Little Alchemists Nursery School” philosophy emerged from the belief that a child’s learning should be facilitated in an environment where children are given the opportunity to creatively explore the world physically and mentally by using all of their senses.  Therefore, in an effort to enhance their learning experience, we are providing children access to exciting and innovative technological equipment and tools for heightening their sensory stimuli and creativity.

It is well known that mental activity is stimulated by active engagement and it helps children retain new learning and integrate it with what they already know.  Therefore, we are firm advocates of the theory that senses are essential elements of the learning phenomenon as they help children actively engage and understand their realities and explore their roles in them.

Research has evidently proven that children learn best by doing, so we are creating an environment where exploration and self-discovery is encouraged. Children can experiment and, as much as possible, learn first-hand from their own concrete experiences. This ‘hard work’ of the brain, which is highly active in these early stages of development, is symbolically translated for young children in the form of play.

Play does not only serve children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual growth but it also supports children acquiring social and behavioral skills.  Further, it is also essential for their intellectual and educational development as it is their way of preparing for the later engagement in learning abstract symbols like letters and numbers. “For children, play is the highest form of research.” (Albert Einstein)

Therefore, our teaching methods focus especially on the art of play, in addition to paying special attention to incorporating other forms of arts and activities into our everyday schedule.

Our approach is flexible, so as to be more easily adapted and to accommodate the physical and mental needs of each individual child in a learning atmosphere, where every child is nurtured, valued and loved. We have confidence in the infinite value and potential of each child, thus we are doing our best to ensure that we engage children in numerous activities and learning styles to fit our teaching to their learning and not the other way around.

It is of paramount importance for us that knowledge is communicated through an enjoyable educational process for children’s physical, mental, emotional and social development. This would go a long way towards making pre-school education a creative and fun exercise!


Inspire excellence and deliver the highest quality of educational experience in an environment where healthy, confident, independent, positive and well-prepared future citizens of the world are born and cultivated.
“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” (Malcom X)


Being a leading educational institution in Cyprus and carve out a multi-agency platform where children, parents, teachers and the community can work in an integrated way by promoting a learning experience where all children can advance their skills and competencies, achieve their highest potential and personal fulfillment.

Our Objectives

Educate beyond expectations!

Deliver a holistic approach to education where children are taught the academic and life skills that would “enable them to understand the world around them, and the talents within them, so that they can become happy, fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens”. (Robinson Ken)

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